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Geeks vs. Hipsters


Nerds and fashionable people: mortal foes secured an unceasing battle over incongruity versus sincerity. In any case, how diverse would they say they are? Nerds are over the top and their affection is real. Nerds cherish their establishments not as a result of how amusingly popular they are but rather as a result of the subjective impression they cleared out on the person. A nerd’s adoration is honest to goodness while a fashionable person is popular. Trendy people are contemptuous. They deal with the garbage of popular culture, fitting what they find engaging in its eccentricity, developing a tasteful that considers everything except permits close to nothing. They are unexpected and flourish in their vintage ways of life. As a result of fashionable people, the nerd culture is coming back to the standard however for various reasons.

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