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Mobile Web 2015: Data & Device

Information consumption has moved far beyond the wired walls of our offices and homes. Mobile phones, Smartphones, Tablets and Ereaders…

The Internet in 2015

The Internet in 5 years will see the dawn of the Zettabyte Era and an overtaking of Web traffic with…

Dawn of the Zettabyte Era

The amount of online rich media consumption is increasing exponentially on an annual basis. Global Internet traffic was once measured…

The End of the World’s Greatest Killer Potential and Eradication of Malaria

Malaria, a parasite disease that is transmitted through mosquito bites, has threatened mankind for centuries. Despite a known cure, malaria…

The Internet In 2015: Who Will Be Leading The Pack?

Which region will do the most file sharing or online gaming in 2015? Which region will generate the most internet…

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