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Top 10 Tower Defense Apps

Top 10 Tower defense apps for strategic mind bending fun. Download on the appstore today. Via

10 weeks on the App Store: Pocket Frogs

Discover, collect, trade and breed over 15, 000 unique frogs on your IOS device, anytime, anywhere! Dollars raised during in-game…

Zynga’s Dream Heights Ready to Build Tiny Towers

There’s been plenty of controversy regarding the visual similarities between NimbleBit’s popular Tiny Tower and Zynga’s Dream Heights, but now…

App Hero vs. App Hero

Have you ever wondered who would win between the Angry Bird and Doodle Jump. Wonder no longer. APPSPIRE.me final answers…

Visual: Apple’s 300000+ App Store apps

What can you say about Apple? It has not only developed some of the hottest gadgets in history, it has…

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