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Top 10 Most Popular Foursquare Badges

Foursquare is a popular location-based social network that keeps track of users’ whereabouts. People “check-in” at various locations, letting their…


This infographics shows the popularity of foursquare. It provides statistical information for foursquare use and badges on Foursquare. It shows…

Social Startup GetGlue Hits 1 Million Users June

You know how Foursquare has digital badges? Well GetGlue gives you physical, touchable, and stickable badges based on your commitment…

Guide to Foursquare Badges

Foursquare is a GPS check-in service that allows you to share you current location with your friends via social networking…

Foursquare’s Top Badges

Have you ever been rewarded for being crunked? What about going on a bender? Foursquare is the location-based social networking…

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