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The Top 8 of 2008 CEO Compensation

This infographic shows the top 8 CEO earners of 2008. It also shows the number of minimum wage salaries that…

Derek Ting, CEO of Enflick, Talks About Their 8m user base IM client

Derek Ting, CEO of Enflick, the makers of PingChat! talked about their 8M strong app. The guys at Enflick have…

Who Works For A Startup?

Working for a startup offers tremendous professional and personal experience and education. Even if you end up working for a…

Behind Company Leaders’ Personal Style

Navy blue is apparently the weapon of choice when it comes to colors in the C-suite for men, while women…

For Better or Worse: Husband and Wife Businesses

An infographic about family-owned businesses in the U.S. Now, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we turn our attention to husband…

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