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How To Glitz Boring Winter Attire For Professionals

Office wardrobes have received a bad rap over the years for something being a bit stuff or plain. However looking…

Nextag Shopping Report – Top Ten Video Games

At Nextag, we know what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to online shopping. Over 1.5 million shoppers a…

The Most Frugal Cities in America

Which cities in America collectively spent the least on discretionary items like clothing, books, electronics, sporting goods and hobbies? This…

Bye Bye Bottoms

As time goes on it seems like fashion become more and more risque and hemlines get shorter and shorter. This…

Where The Wealthy Shop Online

Macy’s attracts more visitors earning $100,000+ than its competitors Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus combined. Macy’s is not the only online…

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