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CO2 Emissions, GDP and Population as Bubble Charts

Complex data visualization, with data on CO2 emissions per Capita, Total CO2 emissions, Total Population, GDP and the region. Via

African CO2 Emissions

This infographic provides a map of Africa and shows how much CO2 each country in the region is emitting. It…

The Shocking Statistics Behind World CO2 Emissions

This infographic provides information for how much CO2 we emit globally every year through modes of transportation and the foods…

The Cost of Spam: CO2 Emissions

According to data from a recent study by Commtouch (Internet Threats Trend Report) published in April 2010 and referring to…

Nissan Juke: Sales in the First Four Months

This infographic takes a look at global sales for the Nissan Juke. It also shows the Nissan Juke’s fuel usage…

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