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The Social Bowl: Data & the Superbowl

In the 2012 Super Bowl on Feb. 5 between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, the number…

What People are Doing Online

Blogs. Podcasts. Video-sharing sites. Social networks. Here’s a word of advice for companies scrambling to become a part of these…

Samsung Homepage Redesign Infographic

After observing statistics from the Samsung.com homepage redesign over the 75 days after its early September launch, JESS3 created an…

The United States of Connectedness

Mobile phones have helped close the gap between people, connecting friends, family and co-workers across wide distances. But the lines…

Vote 2012: Social Media vs. Traditional Media

Historically, caucuses have served as early indicators of which candidate might win their party’s nomination. However, earlier this week, many…

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