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AutoCAD Commands

With the Customer Involvement Program (CIP) we have a database of over 60 million commands issued by annonomyzed users. We…

Where to Find a Single dad that’s Just Right For You

This infographic provides information for where to find the kind of single dad you’re looking for. Based on the database…

Is The Gender Wage Gap (Partially) Caused By Major Choice?

It has long been remarked that women earn less money than men. Whether this reflects invidious discrimination or differential participation…

Hospitality Jobs: Need employees? We got ’em!

The Hospitality industry projects 17 percent growth in wage and salary employment between 2004 and 2014 – that’s 2.2 million…

The World of Informed Marketers

The infographic “Increasing Consumer Access to Healthcare Brands” provides a sampling of brands with and without opt-ins to build their…

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