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The Spread of the Swine Flu Across the U.S

The swine flu was an epidemic that brought fear into the world. This infographic shows how many people were affected…

Piggy Trouble

This beautifully designed infographic provides in depth information about the swine flu also known as the H1N1 virus. It provides…

Cybercrime Goes Global

How To Protect Yourself From This Epidemic With The Right Antivirus Software. Cybercrime has become a silent global epidemic. This…

The Young Epidemic: Rise of Type 2 Diabetes Children

Over the past two decades, scientists have noticed a rising incidence of type 2 diabetes — which once affected almost…

Piggy Trouble: Swine Flu Pandemic

A 2009 outbreak of swine flu (a strain of H1N1 virus) in Mexico ignited fears of an epidemic. This infographic…

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