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Use Your Hat to Get Ahead

Wherever your travels take you, it’s easy to stay in touch with Skype- especially when you can Skype from any…

How To Glitz Boring Winter Attire For Professionals

Office wardrobes have received a bad rap over the years for something being a bit stuff or plain. However looking…

MBR Malware Back in Fashion

They say that fashion comes in cycles, is Master Boot Record (MBR) malware making a comeback in 2011? It certainly…

Trendyol.com Fuels Fashion E-Commerce in Turkey

Infographic illustrates the market conditions and story about Trendyol.com, the leading and fastest-growing fashion e-commerce company in Turkey. Via

The Handbag War

An infographic about what you can find in an average woman’s handbag (Australia and UK women compared). Via

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