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All About Pesticide Residues

Here’s a guide to how stuff like Carbendazim gets in our Orange Juice and why it’s no big deal. Via

Vaginal Mesh Infographic

The infographic—viewable at http://www.vaginalmeshlawsuit.com/vaginal-mesh-infographic/ —clearly and succinctly illustrates how several vaginal mesh products, all of which became the subject of…

Does FDA Need to Approve My Mobile Medical App

Content determines whether an app requires FDA approval. Essentially, and with some exceptions, an app only needs FDA approval if…

Fatal Attraction Cosmetics & Chemicals

Some cosmetics are NOT subject to FDA approval. Here’s a must-read infographic about cosmetics and chemicals. Via

Just Label It

Consumers have the right to know if their food has been genetically engineered. Take 30 seconds and tell the FDA…

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