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My first year on foursquare

Today marks the one year anniversary of my first checkin on foursquare. Foursquare has grown tremendously and this blog has…

Foursquare Black Friday Survival Guide!

Here are tips at the places you want to visit beforehand and get recommendations from other people on foursquare, from…

Foursquare 2010 Our Year of 3400% Growth

This infographic provides data for Foursquare for the year 2010. It shows how users used Foursquare, where they used it,…

Foursquare Checkins Reveal Holiday Travel Patterns

Foursquare examines their data to show the patterns on holiday travel for 2011-2012. Via

Foursquare vs. Gowalla

Over the last few months, there has a massive amount of hype surrounding the geolocation war between Foursquare and Gowalla,…

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