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A Look at the Absurd Health Care Costs in America

This infographic explores the health care costs in the United States and tries to answer the question of why health…

Healthcare Costs Are Rising Faster Than Your Income

Healthcare costs the average family almost $15,000 a year, the price of a Ford Fiesta. Wages have stagnated over the…

America’s Health Care Diagnosis: ADD

A humorous look at Obamacare and ADD. 🙂

The Transition to Outpatient of Coronary Angioplasty PTCA

This infographic shows an example of how US hospitals are lowering the cost of care by transitioning procedures that have…

Health and Wealth: The Cost of a Cared-For-Nation

There’s nothing cheap about medical care expenses. In fact, there’s only one constant when it comes to the price of…

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