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A Guide to Child Tax Benefits

The Child Tax Credit was extended until 2012 and you may be able to reduce your federal income tax by…

You Deducted What?! Devious Deductions and Eccentric Tax Evaders

You Deducted What?! covers strange but legitimate deductions, failed tax deductions, and celebrity tax evaders. Here are some of the…

Taxable Income and Taxes Paid: 1950-2006

A large part of personal income is not considered “taxable” income by the IRS. In the graph personal income (as…

The Work We Do to Pay Taxes

There are two certainties in the lives of every American according to Ben Franklin: death and taxes. (Corporate Americans exempt.)…

Who is Paying Taxes?

They say nothing is certain but death and taxes — and this infographic breaks down Americans’ tax payments by income…

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