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Physicians Believe EHRs are Safer than Pap…

Practice Fusion survey compares physician and patient opinions about medical record systems, highlights changing perceptions of health IT. Via

History of Transplantation

INFOGRAPHIC – History of Transplantation, designed for Croatian Daily Newspaper (Jutarnji List) Via

Farmer’s Market Availability Tied to Lower BMI

The availability of farmer’s markets is associated with lower Body Mass Index (BMI), according to data from Practice Fusion’s Research…

2010 DePuy Hip Implant Recall

This infographic describes 2010 DePuy hip recall, what have happen and why. Also describes what we can do to prevent…

Healthinnovations QA checklist for mHealth

Healthinnovations has designed the following mHealth checklist for Quality Assurance when creating apps or devices. Standardisation within the mHealth sphere…

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