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HootSuite: 2 million milestone

HootSuite reaches 2 million users: – Account Signups – Global Reach – Messages Sent – Usage Patterns – Activity Patterns…

From the Mayflower Through the Millennium

This infographic depicts some of the major developments and trends in the travel industry over the past 600 years. Via

100 Million Professionals

On March 22, 2011, LinkedIn reached a major milestone: 100 million professionals worldwide. They are growing at roughly one million…

Samsung Smart TV Apps surpasses 5 million downloads

Samsung seems to be doing pretty well with its own app stores. It was not too long ago when they…

GetGlue Raises $12M in New Financing

This financing follows a year of strong growth for GetGlue. In 2011 GetGlue reached the 2 Million user milestone. Check-ins…

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