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How Patient Information Management is Affer Care Coordination

The price we pay? An astounding $404 billion for poor healthcare coordination as shown in this The Price We Pay…

Florida Hospital The Skill to heal. The Spirit to Care

The state of health is 22 strong. Even as one of the nation’s largest network of hospitals, we’re still known…

Rx Non Adherence

This infographic provides data about the amount of medication doctors provide in comparison with patient adherence rate. This infographic illustrates…

The Importance of Patient Trust in Doctors

Doctors and patients need to build a trusting relationship in order for doctors to provide the best service and patients…

Vaginal Mesh Infographic

The infographic—viewable at http://www.vaginalmeshlawsuit.com/vaginal-mesh-infographic/ —clearly and succinctly illustrates how several vaginal mesh products, all of which became the subject of…

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