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Physician Survey Reveals “Unhealthy states of small medical practices nationwide”

Practice Fusion’s 2011 State of the Small Practice survey and infographic reveals 41 percent of private practices are doing worse…

U.S. 2011 Album Sales

This infographic is a small snapshot taken from Billboard Magazine’s customary end-of-year music sales reports. It highlights the top ten…

SeatGeek’s Guide to the Final Four

Statistical breakdown and data visualisation of Arsenal footballer, Robin van Persie’s first 100 goals for the club. Via

2011: A Musical Retrospective

2011 was a dynamic year for music. This infographic highlights some of the best songs, most sold albums and most…

The World Records of Throwing Knives

David Adamovich, aka “The Great Throwdini,” is a master when it comes to knife throwing and has currently set and…

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