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Drug Abuse and Your Body: Exposed

Drugs impact every organ in the body. In this easy to read graphic, we demonstrate the impact of the most…

Paxil: The Facts’ll Disturb You

Paxil is a common drug prescribed to many who suffer from depression, however the side effects of the drug can…

Vaginal Mesh Infographic

The infographic—viewable at http://www.vaginalmeshlawsuit.com/vaginal-mesh-infographic/ —clearly and succinctly illustrates how several vaginal mesh products, all of which became the subject of…

Wired (with Energy Drinks)

With so many energy drink choices out there, which ones do college students prefer, how are they drinking them, and…


Paxil infographic describing what paxil is used to treat and the side effects it might cause you. Via

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