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Surface Area Needed to Power World with Solar

In reality, it’s not that much land mass. These are based on solar panels with 20% efficiency, and new technologies…

10 Deadly Solar Powered Weapons

This infographic gives a list of the 10 most deadly solar weapons, those that are fictional and real. It also…

Solar Panels

A volcanic eruption is the ejection of molten rock, or lava, with ash, hot water, rock fragments, gases, and cliff…

What if Fukushima had Leaked Solar Panels?

What if all the resources now being used to combat the Fukushima power plant problems were instead being used to…

9 Things About People Who Go Solar

The people who buy solar panels are your typical tree-hugging, left-leaning, well-to-do ex-hippies, right? Wrong! One Block Off the Grid…

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