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Surface Area Needed to Power World with Solar

In reality, it’s not that much land mass. These are based on solar panels with 20% efficiency, and new technologies…

What if Solar Power Grew as Fast as Facebook?

A wonderful “what if?” scenario that shows what would happen if solar power grew as fast as Facebook. Via

147 Days of Sunshine and 1 More Rotation Around the Sun

2011 has been an exciting year for us at Sungevity. From an ice pop truck tour of the Eastern Seaboard…

Bring Solar Home Campaign Success

Bring Solar Home is an initiative of the non-profit advocacy organization, Solar San Antonio, to encourage local solar commitments and…

Reinventing Fire: Five Interesting Facts About Our Energy-Hogging Economy

For a while, we almost had it. Before America’s comprehensive climate and energy bill turned into a devastating failure in…

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