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Girl Talk Visualized

Extraordinary music visualization work by Tiffany Farrant for FastCo. This graphic unlocks the musical DNA of Girl Talk’s latest album…


This infographic provides a visual for music diversity and musical fusion. It shows the different types of music and narrows…

Michael Jackon’s Influence on Hip Hop Music

This is a still image from an interactive visualization that shows Michael Jackson’s influence on individual hip hop songs. At…

Yes, She Writes Her Own Songs (Sorta). And It Shows

Swift’s songwriting is as thematically ambitious as a 15-year-old’s LiveJournal, which is to say, like a 15-year-old’s LiveJournal, it never…

Music Subscription Faceoff

When Spotify moored its boatload of music to U.S. shores last week, music lovers were faced with a conundrum: Should…

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