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The Minority Report: Criminology’s New Frontier

New sophisticated “precognition” systems are accurately predicting crime before it happens. How far away are we from a world like…

How an Applicant Tracking System Reads Your Resume

This inforgraphic is describing the step by step process of said tracking systems. Learn it, live it, love it. Via

ABB Application interfaces – Charging networks electric vehicle

Houston APIs enable you to design your own functionality. Houston application interfaces can connect any IT system to the Terra…

Android vs. iPhone: Battle of the Mobile Operating Systems

The topic of smartphone operating systems can be as divisive as politics or the Mac vs. PC debate. (Just add…

Parenting Resources and Family Lifestyle

Prematurity, defined as being born before 37 weeks completed gestation, disrupts a baby’s development in the womb, often stunting the…

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