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A Checklist for Your 2012 Deductions – Don’t Overpay!

Tax preparation is rarely anyone’s idea of a good time. Between the paperwork and the number crunching, it’s enough to…

How to Organize Your Receipts for Tax Time

Whether you’re a small business owner or an employee itemizing deductions, the end of the year means organizing your receipts….

You Deducted What?! Devious Deductions and Eccentric Tax Evaders

You Deducted What?! covers strange but legitimate deductions, failed tax deductions, and celebrity tax evaders. Here are some of the…

Suprising Facts About Car Donation

Car donations in the United States have been the source of funds for children’s charities that make a difference in…

A Guide To Moving and Taxes

A Guide to Moving and Taxes show recent movers some of the ways that they may be able to save…

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