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A Timeline of Very Bad Future Predictions

Despite the fact that more people are buying ebooks online than their print counterparts, James Daunt, managing director of Waterstones,…

Getting Around Central London According to Foursquare

This infographic provides information for Foursquare use in London. It shows the number of people that check in to Foursquare…

Van strippenkaart tot ov-chipkaart

An timeline from the introduction of the ticket strip to the current public transport chip card. Via

Faster than Flying

Title (Italian): Più Veloce Dell’Aereo — This visualization represents the length (in kilometers) of high-speed rail in operation (red), under construction (dark…

Metropolitan Line: Abandoned/Ghost Station on London Underground

Abandoned/Ghost stations are those which are closed and disused. Many remain fairly intact and some even feature time capsule-like qualities,…

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