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Google+: 20 Million Users in 21 Days

As of July 19, comScore showed Google+ at just about 20 million visitors worldwide, an extraordinary number in just its…

Hastag #Afika

Afika, one of Indonesian advertising model. Actually she is a kid, but the popularity in the recent weeks more higher…

Google+ User Statistics

2 weeks after Google revamped the G+ invite system, how have the demographics shifted from its period in beta? From…

Groundhog Debt: How to Decrease Your Debt Shadow

Each year, on February 2, Punxsutawney Phil crawls out of his burrow and forecasts the weather by either seeing his…

What’s On Your Gift List This Year?

While some economists declared the recession over in June 2009, many Americans would beg to differ with that assessment. Given…

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