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Health and Wellness Spending

As we’ve said before, all consumers participate in the World of Wellness. In fact, 19% of all monthly spending is…

The Empowered E-Patient

This Infographic provides information for what an E-Patient is and how they use the internet to gain information about health…

Euro RSCG Prosumer Report Health & Wellness

Everything about how we regard, prevent, and treat illness is changing, thanks to new tools and technologies; more informed, proactive,…

Viacommunity: A Look at Viacom’s Community Efforts

The story of Viacom’s impact in our communities, in the key areas of health & wellness, citizenship, education and the…

Why we are all Cyberchondriacs

Cyberchondria refers to the tendency to be concerned about symptoms as a result of searching them online. 4 out of…

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